Original Signed Lancaster Pencil Drawing

Original Signed Lancaster Pencil Drawing

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A framed and double mounted original pencil drawing on acid free heavyweight art paper of a Avro Lancaster. The drawing has been signed in person by seven veteran Bomber Command aircrew who served on Lancasters and Halifaxes during the Second World War.

The framed drawing is accompanied by a separate bound supporting document which provides details of the careers and in some cases, famous missions that they  flew in and includes photographs of some of them signing the drawing, providing true provenance for the signatures. The signatories include:

Flt. Lt. Harry Hacker LD'H - Bomber Aimer 40 SQN

Flt. Sgt. Bill Chubb - Flight Engineer Halifaxes 432 SQN

Flt. Lt. George Dunn DFC, Ld'H - Pilot 76, 608 SQN

W/Co. John Bell MBE, DFC, Ld'H - Bomber Aimer 619, 617 SQN

Flt. Lt. Hal Gardner - Navigator 106, 189 SQN

Flt. Lt. Charles Gallagher DFC - Navigator 76 SQN

Flt. Lt. Jo Lancaster DFC - Pilot 40,12 SQN

The black wooden bevelled frame measures approximately 580 x 475mm overall.

Hover your mouse over the main image above to reveal close-up detail of the original drawing.


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