Aviation Art Commissions

Aviation Art Commissions


Why not commission Andrew to produce a truely unique piece of artwork that is tailored to your exact requirements? Whether it be an original oil painting of your own aircraft, a pencil drawing of an airliner you fly for a living, or an aerial scene/event that has particular significance to you or your family, Andrew can produce something truly special. Here is some of the feedback recently received from customers:


"It was a very enjoyable process and the result looks just fantastic!" FB, Dijon France


"Lost for words doesn't come close, your work has far exceeded our expectations and captured perfectly a very poignant moment in time" KG, Cornwall, England


"I gave it to him him and he was thrilled with it. He was very emotional and to see the look of pure joy that crossed his face when he got it was so rewarding. Your attention to detail really paid off. The regular communication was a real help for me in deciding the aspects and style of the painting. I really appreciate it. The picture was so vibrant and full of motion and I know this might seem odd but the sea and land part just set the whole thing off."  GB, Dorset, England


"My father absolutely loved the painting, he said it was the best gift he's ever received. It will take pride of place in the house" TM, Wales


"Thank you for being so professional and wonderful, I can’t wait for his birthday. We are having an extension on our home and I am really hopeful we can find a wall to commission another piece." RH, Nottingham


"Got the painting and Dad loved it. You did an amazing job. It couldn't have turned out better" DB, Tennessee, USA


"Thank you so much we will treasure it. It's perfect." JP, Epsom, Surrey


"That really has progressed quickly, and looks great! Thank you for your efforts, questions and allowing me to participate. I’ve enjoyed the process and seeing the drawing develop; it has been really interesting." AE, Devon, England


"....... I am so pleased with it. You really have done a fantastic job." MW, Sussex, England


"Awesome everything looks great! Thank you so much! " DM, California, USA


"We are so happy with our drawing and you were so helpful in getting it to us in time for my husband's birthday. In fact my husband has been on your website and you might well be hearing from us again in the near future!" LT, Surrey, England
"Just to let you know that your drawing arrived yesterday safe and sound, and looks absolutely marvellous.Thanks again" ID, Surrey, England
"He absolutely loves in and is so impressed by your talent.Thank you so much." RH, Nottingham


Below are some recent examples of the wide variety of commissions that Andrew has undertaken.

The process of commissioning an original piece of artwork is extremely straightforward and a very interactive and enjoyable process. Simply contact Andrew with your requirements and he will confirm costs and timescales etc.

Once agreed, Andrew will produce an initial sketch for consultation and discussion, to ensure your requirements have been interpretted correctly. Any feedback or changes can then be made before the detailed work starts. During the commission, Andrew will then keep you updated with a number of progress images so that you can see how your commissioned artwork develops. If there is anything that you don't like, Andrew can incorporate adjustments as the picture develops.

If required, your unique piece of art can be framed or mounted to Andrew's exacting standards, before it is dispatched to you, making the whole process hassle free.

Prices for an unframed A3 sized drawing on heavyweight art paper start at just £225.00 +p&p. For an unframed original oil painting on stretched canvas measuring approximately 23"x16" (A2) start from £595.00 with a 20"x30" canvas at £895.00 . Sizes and costs vary, so do get in touch to discuss your own requirements.

Contact Andrew today for a no obligation discussion and quote: andrew.harris@aviationoriginals.com or 07717 075996




"Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance" (23" x 16") oil on stretched canvas, commissioned by Specialist Aviation Services, depicting the helicopters operated by Kent, Surrey & Sussex (KSS) Air Ambulance across the years



Official handover of the completed painting to a KSS helicopter pilot at Redhill Aerodrome



"Ariving Gear-up" (20" x 30") oil on stretched canvas. Commissioned by the son of one of the aircrew to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the crash landing of a Coastal Command Wellington on the runway at RAF Gibraltar




"Evans VP1, Acro Sport II & Europa" (70 x 25), pencil drawing commissioned as a gift for the person who hand-built all three aircraft.




"Warmwell Hurricanes" (60 x 42 cm) oil on stretched canvas. Commissioned by a housing developer to commemorate the long history and important role the airfield played during World War II



"Boeing 777, 737 & ATR 72" (70x25cm) graphite and coloured pencil drawing, commissioned as a present depicting the progression and aircraft flown during a flying career.



"USA Special Operations Command Flight Company" (60 x 40cm) graphite and coloured pencil drawing, commissioned by Commanding General, USAOTC



"Air France" (70 x 25cm) graphite and coloured pencil drawing, commissioned as a present to celebrate a flying career with Air France, charting all of the types flown



"DH Beaver - Lake Sammamish" (36" x 48") oil on stretched canvas. Commissioned as a present for the owner.




"P3 Orion, PBY Catalina & SSBN 617"  (20" x 30") oil on stretched canvas, commissioned as a retirement present, commemorating three generations of US Naval service.



"Goldfish Club Halifax" (80 x 25cm) pencil/mixed media drawing commissioned by a relative of the original aircrew.



"Avro RJ100 & BAe Typhoon" (23" x 16") oil on stretched canvas, commissioned by a serving RAF Typhoon pilot as a present for his father, depicting them flying alongside each other.



"P40 vs Zero" (23" x 16") oil on stretched canvas, commissioned as a 50th birthday present.




"Boeing 727 Oil Spill Response" (23" x 16") oil on stretched canvas. Commissioned by the pilot depicting a typical tasking in the Gulf.



"Fairflight Dove" (23" x 16" oil on stretched canvas) commissioned by the pilot who used to fly the De Havilland Dove out of Biggin Hill in the 1970's



"BA4B and the Red Arrows" (23" x 16" oil on stretched canvas) commissioned by the aircraft owner, depicting a real event in 1967 when on route to Biggin Hill airshow, members of the Red Arrows formed up on the BA4B.



"F22 Raptor" (42 x 30cm) pencil drawing on A3 heavyweight art paper - commissioned by a serving USAAF officer




"Stame vs von Werra" (60 x 42cm) oil on stretched canvas, commissioned by Beacon Models as the box art for their launch 1:144 scale model kits of a Spitfire and Bf.109



Final box art incorporating the commissioned painting



Pencil Lancaster 70 x 25cm - commisioned as a present. Pencil on heavyweight art paper.



"Liberty Run" 30" x 20" oil painting on stretched canvas, depicting the events surrounding the loss of B-17G "Liberty Run". Commissioned by one of the American relatives of a crew member who was lost over the North Sea in February 1944.



"Linen Panel Lancaster" oil painting on 40 x 40cm linen panel



Original pencil drawing commissioned by a family as a birthday present to commemorate an entire career flying helicopters. This composition featured all the major types flown (59 x 42 cm)



"Hercules C-130J" - commissioned pencil/mixed media drawing (approx. 70 x 25cm), commissioned by a serving RAF officer depicting a typical 'day at the office'.



De Havilland Mosquito on Genuine 1943 War Edition Map of North East England (approx. 80 x 30cm), commissioned with imaginary squadron codes representing their initials.



EasyJet Airbus A-319 (oil on stretched canvas 16" x 23") commissioned to celebrate the first command as an Easyjet pilot.




"Arizona Desert" (oil on stretched canvas 20" x16") commissioned as a present for the owner.

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"BEA Trident" (pencil & mixed media drawing), commissioned as a present for the pilot who used to fly the aircraft.




"Supermarine Spitfire" pencil & mixed media drawing on A3 heavyweight art paper and commissioned as a present



"De Havilland Chipmunk WP930" (pencil and mixed media drawing), commissioned by the owner.




"Cessan G-CEKI" (pencil and mixed media drawing), commissioned by the owner.



"Biggin 75" (oil on stretched canvas 20" x 30") commissioned to record and celebrate the event in August 2015




"Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400" (pencil & mixed media drawing), commissioned as a present for the Captain



"G-ITOY at Shoreham Airport" (oil on stretched canvas 20" x16") commissioned as a present for the owner.



"G-VGAL Boeing 747-400" (pencil & mixed media drawing) commissioned as a present for the Captain



"Lancasters at Biggin Hill 2014" A3 drawing on heavyweight art paper. Commissioned to celebrate Canadian and BBMF Avro Lancaster tour.