"Green Three" Limited Edition Print with original pencil Remarque

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A limited edition giclee print of Hawker Hurricane L2122 UP-L of 605 (County of Warwick) Squadron, which crashed on Battle of Britain Day, 15th September 1940. The pilot R.E. Jones baled out wounded and later recovered to resume flying duties.

The individual prints have a highly original and unique pencil drawing in the lower margin, depicting a further portrail of the aircraft, pilot or scene from Battle of Britain Day. Alternatively and for the same price, you can commission your own drawing. Such unique drawings on an already limited edition of just 22, make these highly sort after and collectable.

This print is also accompanied by a bound supporting document containing details of the circumstances leading to the loss of the aircraft, copies of letters to the artist with a personal detailed account of the combat and the events immediately after along with an RAF combat report.

The printed image size is approximately 370 x 295mm, in addition to the pencil remarque which will be appropriately sized to suit the subject matter.

A selection of previous remarques are illustrated below:




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"Green Three" Limited Edition Giclee Print "Green Three" Limited Edition Giclee Print
£50.00 *
"High In The Sunlit Silence" Original Oil Painting "High In The Sunlit Silence" Original Oil Painting
£375.00 *
"Hurricane" - Framed Original Drawing "Hurricane" - Framed Original Drawing
£225.00 *
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